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10 Critical Tips On How To Make Her Want You

10 Critical Tips On How To Make Her Want You

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If you can relate to even part of the following situation, it’s time to learn how to make her want you: You’ve had your eye on that beautiful woman for a long time. You fantasize about her nonstop. You imagine yourself walking up to her with complete confidence, touching her soft hair, and whispering in her ear. Then you get your big chance and blow it.

Perhaps you freeze up or just feel downright intimidated and your words come out all wrong. Whatever it is, you need some help learning how to make her want you. That’s what we’re here for. We want to take you by the hand and show you how to maker her want you. This may not happen overnight, but if you take our advice seriously and give it your full effort you will make her want you like she has never wanted any man before!

Kick off your shoes. Sit back and relax. It’s time to learn how to make her want you, starting with ten critical tips:

#1: Understand The Concept Of Status

You can try to learn how to make her want you by flashing money or hot rodding around town in your new sports car, but those aren’t the things that really catch a woman’s heart. Yes, it may get the attention of some money-hungry women who will date anyone with cash, but it won’t be the determining factor of attraction for women worth your time.

Women are looking for men with social status. They want men who take charge and who know exactly what they want. Men of high status are extremely confident and never have to lower themselves just to make a woman like them. They are who they are and women love that! This is how you need to be when learning how to make her want you.

#2: Know The Signs Of Insecurity

Low status men come off as incredibly insecure. This is the biggest turn off to most women, so it needs to be avoided at all costs if you want to learn how to make her want you. Hold your head high and stop explaining your decisions or actions. Never apologize and don’t be afraid to take up space, knock shoulders with others, and emit a strong presence wherever you happen to go.

Insecure men look around constantly, divert eye contact and seem apologetic for their mere presence. Avoid this type of meek body language.

#3: Boost Your Personal Status

Do you think you are at a high or low status right now? Do a lot of other women like you and want to spend time with you? Do you have a lot of friends? Think honestly for a moment about what level of status you think women who know you would assign to you right now.

If that status isn’t high, it’s time to pick yourself up and pretend that you are of a very high status. You have to believe in yourself if you want to learn how to make her want you. If you don’t feel you are of high status right now, it’s time to start boosting your confidence and making changes to improve how women perceive you.

#4: Never Let A Woman Feel She Is Your Top Priority

Many men feel it is important to let a woman know that spending time with her or getting her attention is their top priority in life, but this is actually a turn off to most women. Men who are always available when a girl calls and who never seem to have anything else going on in their life do not give off the perception of high status and are therefore very unattractive.

Make sure she knows that there are other things going on in your life so you can’t always chat until all hours of the night or drop everything to take her out. Don’t be rude, but you do need to be busy.

#5: Turn On Your Heels And Run At The Right Moment

It’s the nature of every man to come running when he knows that a hot woman wants him, but know that you are learning how to make her want you in the worst way and you are no longer going to do that. You are going to do the opposite by turning on your heels and running when you know she is interested.

When you pull away from a woman she will only want you more!

#6: Make Her Your Friend

You probably know how it feels when a woman you are attracted to describes you as a “friend.” This is not the category you want to be in, but how would she feel if you did the same to her? Next time you think a woman may be interested in you, tell her what a great friend she is going to be and see if she doesn’t respond by wanting you even more.

#7: Surround Yourself With Beautiful, Attractive Women

Women want men that are loved by other women. The more attractive women you surround yourself with, the more attractive the women you are going to draw into your life. It used to be that men went out in groups or had a “wing man” to help them out, but you will always do better by hanging out with the ladies.

The trick to learning how to make her want you is to genuinely have friendships with other women. It can’t be your cousin who has to hang out with you!

#8: Keep Your Options Open

Many men find a woman that they are very attracted to and they focus on that one woman, chasing her like a hound dog on the trail of a squirrel. Now that you are learning how to make her want you, you know this is not going to work.

Now that you are learning how to make her want you, you are going to think and act as if you have a line of women waiting to be chosen. You don’t have to chase after any women because there are others that can easily fill her shoes. This may be a hard attitude to fake when you are really into a girl, but it will make her like you more, so stick it out and make it work.

#9: Develop Your Single Radar

You don’t want to waste your time on women who are already involved with another man. Learn to crack jokes and flirt with a woman to see how she responds. If she seems to like the engagement and actively participates then chances are she is single. Developing this radar will save you lots of time as you don’t pursue a woman who is already taken.

#10: Show Your Sexual Prowess

This ties back into the earlier tips on how to make her want you, but it is a bit different. While you are displaying confidence and a high status, you should focus on giving strong cues that you are great in bed.

Make slow movements, always look her straight in the eye for strong contact, and present a strong, masculine presence. If you can pull off an “I don’t give a crap” attitude and throw in some sarcasm and humor you will be even better off.

Are you ready to learn how to make her want you? Dig into our site for tons of advice and information on how to make any woman want you in the worst, most passionate way. You don’t have to be above average in height or good looks to learn how to make her want you just as she does in your daydreams.

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