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Simple Ways To Approach Women With Class

Do you think that men who find random ways to approach women spontaneously in public are either dumb or unusually skilled? Many men are intimidated by successful, beautiful women so they pull away rather than finding ways to approach. Women are always complaining that men do not pay attention to them while men are complaining women don’t want to be approached.

No wonder dating is so frustrating today!

If you want to learn the simplest ways to approach women with class and dignity, you have come to the right place. The following tip will give you some great ideas so you can come up with your own unique ways to approach women.

Where Are The Women?

Before you can start thinking of ways to approach women, you have to understand when it is appropriate to approach women and when it is best to back off. For example, women who are busy in their daily lives or on a tight schedule generally do not want to be bothered with an approach. This means approaching the girl of your dreams in the middle of her run on the treadmill at the gym would not be a great idea.

In some instances there are ways to approach women who are busy doing something, especially if you sense you will never see her again and you feel a draw toward her. Then you may want to make your move right away, but otherwise it is best to wait until you find a woman who is in a more relaxed situation.

There are more ways to approach women relaxing at a dog park or waiting at a bus stop than there are ways to approach woman trying to grocery shop on their lunch hour.

Just Walk Away!

Of all the valid ways to approach women, you do not want to jump from an initial greeting to asking for her phone number or a date. She doesn’t know anything about you and hasn’t been able to judge your value as a man just yet.

It is much better to greet her, exchange some pleasantries and then just walk away. Go back to what you are doing and leave her alone. This will give the impression that you are friendly and open but she will still be wondering if you are interested in her or not.

This is one of those ways to approach women that allow you to safely judge if there is a spark with the woman without opening yourself up to rejection. If you think she may be interested, you have broken the ice and can approach her again at a later time.

Think On The Spot!

Stop rehearsing your pick up lines in the mirror! That is one of the worst ways to approach women. Rather than having your lines in the back of your head ready to repeat pay attention to the natural environment around you find spontaneous ways to approach or open up a conversation.

If you give yourself lots of practice finding natural, spontaneous ways to approach women it is not as difficult as it seems at first. You want to practice on a lot of girls that you aren’t all that attracted to so when you do meet the girl of your dreams you are able to think clearly, observe the surroundings and come up with natural ways to approach.

You can even practice thinking of natural ways to approach women by talking to men and others that you would never want to date. Any experience thinking on your feet will help in those super tense moments with the truly stunning women.

Remember, It Is Best To Repair a Roof In The Sunshine!

Take these three tips to heart and think of your own ways to approach women without losing your dignity or sounding like an idiot. With a bit of practice thinking on your feet, you will be attracting women like never before.

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